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NZ Rural TV is working with and encouraging Content Creators from around the world who share a passion for the land and the lifestyle to tell and share their stories, views, vision and concerns without the political and media twists so often seen in the mainstream media arena. This has resulted in the formation of the New Zealand Farmers Group TV Network.

New Zealand Farmers Group

Next Episode: Water Samples from Creek to Coast

NZ Rural TV is part of the ODB Network and is a TV Network brought to you exclusively by New Zealand Farmers Group with a focus on the rural New Zealand lifestyle, its industries, its challenges and its successes.

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Episode 1 - Working the Land:  Beginning with an interview with Stewart Husband, respected farmer and community leader.  Stewart shares his views on the current situation for farmers and brings to light our farmers investments and the existing fear of losing too many farms to larger consortiums.

Episode 2 - Focus on Water:  Taking water samples of creeks and waterways across rural New Zealand through to our coastlines.  This episode will document and reveal the results in conjunction with New Zealand farmers and will include the results of waterways testing closer to our CBDs.

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